The hospital caters to people from rural and urban areas in and around Ambala, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and often the hospital receives patients from Rajasthan and New Delhi as well. A lot of people from outstation come to the hospital for cancer related care. Being the only cancer and multi-specialty hospital in the Ambala area, a lot of people depend on it and trust it. Our impact numbers are –

  • 75000 registered patients who visit on a regular basis
  • On an average 350 patients everyday seek consultation from the outpatient department
  • On an average 30 new unregistered patients visit the hospital daily to avail different services (e.g. ultrasound tests etc.)
  • People residing within a radius of 100 kilometers around Ambala are most dependent on the hospital
  • The Oncology department and certain other specialty departments have been visited by patients from UP, far off areas of Haryana, Punjab and other states.
  • The Oncology department (Cancer department) each year provides services to an average of – 2000 outpatient, 470 in-patient care, 66 surgeries and 82 chemotherapies (data from 2016-17)