Hematologist and Oncologist

Credentials: M.B.B.S (PGIMS, ROHTAK), D.N.B (GMSH, CHD), F.N.B

We are providing services of Hematology and Oncology for pediatrics as well as adult patients in our hospital with highly skilled staff and doctors with all facilities:

1) All types of anemias including refractory anemias

2) Pancytopenia/ bone marrow disorders

3) Thalassemias/ hemoglobinopathies

4) Hemophilia

5) Neonatal anemias and clotting disorders

6) Bleeding disorders

7) ITP

8) All Leukemias and Lymphomas

9) Solid tumors like bone tumors, CNS tumors, Wilm’s tumor

10) Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy 

11) Intrathecal drug therapy

12) Management of oncological emergencies

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