Cancer Awareness programs have been a core strategy of the hospital to combat cancer. Every year the hospital reaches out to several people in both rural and urban areas around Ambala creating awareness of the value of healthy lifestyles and early diagnosis in preventing and curing the disease. The hospital engages with schools by organizing events and encouraging students to talk about cancer, its prevention and cure. Engaging with young minds would change the way we perceive cancer and raise awareness levels. The hospital also organizes street theater, seminars, cancer awareness and detection camps

There is no other hospital in the city that provides cancer treatment. It is therefore our main objective to develop and establish the hospital as a center of excellence for treatment of cancer. Being a non profit hospital we hope to gradually achieve this along with our longstanding aim of making quality healthcare affordable. While we have world class facilities for diagnosis (A computerized pathological lab, radiology department – CT scan, MRI machine, X-ray, Ultrasound) and treatment of cancer (Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology), for becoming a fully equipped facility we need to include Radiation Oncology. We are trying our best to raise funds and make this necessary addition to our hospital.

(click here to help us raise funds for a Radiation machine). We also provide free of cost palliative care services through our mobile home care unit – ‘Sneh Sparsh’ to terminally ill patients

We treat cancer through

  • Medical Oncology – DM, Chemo Therapy, Targeted Therapy, Immuno Therapy and Pain Management etc.
  • Surgical Oncology – MCh. Cancer Surgeries and Pain Management

Chemotherapy available between 9:00AM – 5:00PM Everyday