Rotary Ambala Cancer and General Hospital (RACGH), in collaboration with Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research (ACE) under the aegis of Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan (UBA), organized a seminar “to create awareness related to cancer (e.g., breast cancer), symptoms and diagnosis, prevention, and cure for both pediatric and adult patients.”

This talk was given by Dr. Vaneet Anand, a hematologist and oncologist, and Dr. Vandana Goyal, a pathologist. Both doctors talked about the topic and provided awareness to the audiences using their knowledge of their field of study.

Not only the students and faculty of ACE, but the teachers and students of Samanvit Siksha Kendra were also part of the talk. About 100 people, including faculty members (males and females) and students from all the nearby villages like Behta, Saha, Kesri, Samlehri, Sambhalkha, Mithapur, etc., attended the seminar. The talk was a success, and both the doctors did a great job spreading awareness.