The patient arrived at the emergency department of Dr. Jai Dev Memorial Rotary Ambala Hospital early in the morning. The team checked on the patient and found out that the patient had a complaint of a brain stroke. They contacted the neurology department of DJMRH. They moved the patient for a brain MRI to check the amount of damage to the patient’s brain. By that time, Dr. Ajay Panwar, an interventional neurologist and brain stroke specialist, had arrived at DJMRH. The patient was moved to the state-of-the-art cath lab for the intervention. The intervention performed by Dr. Panwar with the intervention team went well, and the patient is stable. The video attached shows the patient’s speech improved after the intervention, as the patient was not able to speak even one letter before the intervention.

Kudos to the intervention team. We, the team of DJMRH, wish the patient to be safe and sound!