District Governor, Mr. Arun Kumar Mongia of Rotary Club District 3080, visited the Dr. Jai Dev Memorial Rotary Ambala Hospital (DJMRH), Ambala Cantonment. He visited the hospital and saw all the departments. He was very happy to see DJMRH doing well. His other purpose in visiting the DJMRH was to discuss about the Blood Bank Project. This is a huge project and will help haematology and oncology patients who require blood infusions for their treatment. This will be a great achievement for the DJMRH and oncology and haematology patients who are getting their treatment at the DJMRH.

We, the team of DJMRH, thank District Governor Mr. Mongia for paying a visit and supporting the DJMRH for the blood bank project, for the benefit of the patients getting their treatments.