We are glad to share that Dr. Jai Dev Memorial Rotary Ambala Hospital’s (DJMRH) gastroenterology department performed Ambala’s first two cases of the Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) procedure for achalasia cardia. Achalasia cardia is a disease of the oesophagus in which the patient has difficulty swallowing because of a tightened lower oesophageal sphincter. For this procedure, Dr. Hardeep Singh, a gastroenterologist at DJMRH, invited a faculty member, Dr. Shivam, from Gangaram Hospital. Previously, the treatment was done by relaxing the sphincter surgically. But now, with the advanced technique of PEOM, the gastroenterology team has relaxed the sphincter through an endoscopic approach. In the endoscopic approach, no external incision or scar is made. The patient gets discharged the following day and starts accepting meals, which means the patient can swallow food properly and without any pain. It is the latest approach for the management of achalasia cardia patients. We are pleased to share that DJMRH is the first centre to do it in Ambala region.

Kudos to Dr. Singh, Dr. Sonali Chawla, an anesthesiologist, and the gastroenterology team for taking the initiative and performing the cases.