Sneh Sparsh – our free palliative care service for terminally ill patients, provides the much-needed support and care to those who are in their last days of life A teenage boy suffering from cancer “When will I get better” – Can you answer? Our Palliative care unit visits many patients every year to bring some comfort and relief from the stress and pain of disease. While many patients have accepted reality and moved on, there are some who are too young and tender to understand. It is the hardest challenge that our team faces. Recently the palliative care team came across a young boy who suffers from Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and started visiting his home for treating and counseling. The story of the boy is very saddening as due to lack of awareness and timely medical assistance his health kept deteriorating. The boy and his family live in a village near Ambala and only knew of only one big government hospital in a city nearby cancer. However, long waiting times and travel aggravated the impact of the disease making it difficult to be cured. The boy has now lost one of his eyes and suffers from a lot of pain. Our hope is to bring some relief to him and pray that he gets well. Visit our Facebook page for daily news and update : Sneh Sparsh Ambala Donate to keep this unit alive!