“Rotary Hospital is a vardan for Ambala”

“I love the city Ambala, everything is good about this city and I am very attached to it. I have seen my family prosper and children grow in this city. Never thought that anything would make me sulk about it. But cancer struck, and life turned its course. Two things made me sink further – the pain and stress of travelling to other cities and the fear of not getting timely treatment. RACGH relieved me of my worries! The hospital didn’t just treat my disease successfully but also gave me ...

Highly Skilled Doctors

Our constant endeavor is to maintain high standards of quality in the hospital, following the same we have formed a very qualified and committed team of doctors. The most outstanding characteristic of all our doctors is the commitment to the cause which reflects in their work and their attitude towards patients. Read moreClick Here To View Doctors Schedule

Dr. Jai Dev – “The Driving Force”

Dr. Jai Dev, a well known business leader and philanthropist of Ambala and the highly respected and most senior member of Rotary Club of Ambala is the force behind the hospital. In 2005, the centennial year of Rotary International, Rotary Club of Ambala decided to establish a cancer treatment centre. Many members contributed over the years in various ways to establish this hospital, but the one person without whom the hospital would not exist is Dr. Jai Dev. He and his family have donated cro...

Sneh Sparsh – ‘Free’ Palliative Care Service at Home for Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

Sneh Sparsh – our free palliative care service for terminally ill patients, provides the much-needed support and care to those who are in their last days of life A teenage boy suffering from cancer “When will I get better” – Can you answer? Our Palliative care unit visits many patients every year to bring some comfort and relief from the stress and pain of disease. While many patients have accepted reality and moved on, there are some who are too young and tender to understand. It is ...

RC Ambala’s cancer hospital gets a Flying Ambassador

In 1997, Sneh Bansal, spouse of past president of the Rotary Club of Ambala, RID 3080, Subhash Bansal, was detected with cancer. He had to run from pillar to post for her treatment. Realising the trauma and misery that many had to undergo for treatment of cancer, Bansal decided to do something to provide care to such patients in Ambala, where no such facility was available. Read more