On May 10, 2021, The Rotary Hospital Ambala decided to set up a new high capacity oxygen plant, in view of the increasing graph of Covid patients and the acute shortage of oxygen in Ambala district as well as the whole country. It is worth noting that Rotary Hospital Ambala has always been providing facilities for patients with far-sightedness, 3 years ago, when no one thought of an oxygen plant in order to provide free oxygen facility to the patients of our ICU. An oxygen plant with 31 cylinder capacity (2,17,000 liters per day) was set up in the hospital which is found very useful in the time of Covid. But during the actual management of Covid patients, this plant was not up to the mark to fulfill the needs due to the very high numbers and quality of oxygen required by the patients. To meet this shortfall and to increase the number of Covid beds from 20 to 50, a new plant of 58 cylinder capacity (4,06,000 liters per day) has been installed in less than two weeks. Now our hospital’s oxygen-producing capacity has increased to a total of 89 Cylinders i.e 6,23,000 liters per day. For this oxygen plant, we placed an order with Airox Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at a cost of Rs. 85,86,000/- for which Ambala’s donors have come forward and immediately raised Rs. 57,54,000/-, in which the President of Aggarwal Sabha, Mr. Dinesh Kansal, Mr. Pramod Garg, and the Chairman of the Hospital and Managing Director of Advanced Microdevices Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Nalini Kant made major contributions.

The remaining amount is being raised and for this, many donors from India as well as abroad are being approached.

By setting up this plant, not only will the patients get an adequate amount of oxygen, but also the quality of oxygen will become better which is the need of the hour.

According to experts, there is a possibility of a third wave of Covid. Chairman Emeritus and the founder of the hospital Dr. Jai Dev, said that if this happens then just increasing the capacity of oxygen will not work. We will also need to increase the nursing staff along with it. If we want to deal with the impending epidemic, then in time, learning from the old experience, all the health-related needs like vaccination, testing, isolation, oxygen, ventilator, doctors, and trained staff will have to be fulfilled in a fixed time frame.