A little while ago a 3-year-old child was admitted to the PICU. He was referred to us for further treatment of a Liver Abscess which was on the verge of bursting. Looking at the seriousness of the disease he needed insertion of a Pigtail Catheter, which is a very critical procedure to be done at such a young age. But our Pediatrician Dr. Vaneet Anand was dedicated to treating him as well as Intervention Radiologist Dr. Kartik Mittal trusted Dr. Anand’s positive energy and inserted the Pigtail Catheter with full care and dedication because of which he was able to drain more than 160 ml of pus through the Pigtail Catheter out of the child’s body, which in turn helped the child getting symptom free.

The child is now disease free and discharged in a stable condition from the RACGH PICU!!