The critical care team of the Dr. Jai Dev Memorial Rotary Ambala Hospital is glad to share about the team efforts they made to save a 49-year-old female patient. The patient came to the DJMRH with a complaint of difficulty in breathing. She was admitted under Dr. Rahul Trehan, an interventional cardiologist, for treatment. Looking at the case, Dr. Trehan shifted the patient under Dr. Karnail Singh, an interventional pulmonologist/chest and TB specialist. The patient was in severe condition and had to undergo the process of intubation. She was kept on prone ventilation for 5 days with 100% FIO2. The patient was further diagnosed with H1N1 pneumonia. Gradually, she improved and was discharged with the efforts of the primary consultant and our team of critical care specialists, Dr. Anubhav Sharma and Dr. Rahul Suri, along with other team members of the ICU, which include medical officers, nurses, GDAs, support staff, etc. The patient and their family members are happy, and her follow-up check-up was great!

We, the team at DJMRH, hope for a safe and sound life for the patient!