Mr. Rakesh Joshi who is presently 41 years old was suffering from weakness of hands and fatigability for 3 years. He was still undiagnosed after taking rounds of many different hospitals with this long history of illness till he reached Rotary Ambala Cancer and General Hospital, Ambala Cantt in the year 2020. With state-of-the-art neurological facilities available in the hospital our team was able to diagnose him having Myasthenia Gravis (It is a disease that causes weakness due to the communication breakdown between nerves and muscles. Symptoms of this disease are double vision, nerve supporting the jaw gets lock due to which he is not able to talk and chew food, weakness in the muscles of arms and legs). He was in a very serious condition and got admitted to our hospital’s ICU in Myasthenic Crisis which lead him to death bed. He stayed in our ICU for around 2 weeks and with the support of a ventilator, life-supporting drugs, and the extreme efforts of our Neurologist and his team saved the patient’s life. Presently the patient Mr. Rakesh Joshi is living a happy life under the treatment for Myasthenia Gravis.